Your All-In-One Practical Guide for FTTx Training in Dubai 

FTTx (Fibre to the x) is an umbrella term that includes in itself a diverse range of network cablings like Fiber to the home (FTTH), Fibre to buildings (FTTB), and others. In the past times, fixed access systems like digital subscribers line (DSL), Cable, BPL gained importance. But with the increase in bandwidth demand, Next Generation Access Networks (NGAN) like fibre optics have taken the market by storm. FTTx comprises the delivery of internet connections with fibre optic cables from a central location to directly at home or office. 

In the FTT home/office, optical fibres are employed over the ‘last mile’ that displace wires having low bandwidth capacities. Additionally, also used for video, voice, and data services in every home and office. The surge in FTTx cabling has been incredible with OTT streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. The IoT and AI applications are forecasted to rise tremendously over the next decades making businesses opt for this technology even more. Thus, rendering home and office networking ‘future-proof’.

FTTx proves to be a powerful combination for businesses and home networks to foster efficiency, speed, and new technologies. Hence, FTTx professionals remain increasingly desired by homes and businesses to upgrade their networks. FTTx training in Dubai with Edoxi is just the path for you to grab this opportunity and become a cabling expert.

Benefits of FTTx Training in Dubai

Fiber has gained prominence in the final frontier of all network cabling. The certified FTTx professional courses are for every cabling professional looking to layout, maintain, and install a fiber optic cabling system. Having FTTx training identifies you as an expert installer adept in demonstrating a practical knowledge of fiber optics theory, standards, and codes widely accepted in the cabling industries. 

The fast-paced networking and IT industries of the 21st century are committed to the highest essence of efficiency. They hold the objective to provide utmost customer satisfaction. Thus, phone companies and commercial IT services are upgrading to fiber optics as the best choice for catering to their customers through FTTx cabling. All these plans require trained technicians with superior skills. Edoxi has designed the FTTx training in Dubai for technicians looking to upskill their careers and harness their potential.

Why Choose Edoxi for FTTx Training in Dubai?

Edoxi is a KHDA affiliated and QA-QC-approved training institute providing one of the best FTTx courses in Dubai. We aim to impart our students with wholesome and best industrial skills. Skillfully designed, our FTTx cabling curriculum will teach you everything to excel as a fiber optical technician. This training will not only grant an edge to your resume but set you apart from your competition. 

Our FTTx training provides the best hands-on coaching to candidates with blending theory and practice. They will get trained by Edoxi’s expert professionals with years of experience in the networking field. Our all-inclusive curriculum covers all the critical FTTx network field configurations and installation parameters. Our training institute will teach you to design your cabling networks and apply the objectives to real-life. Our FTTx home/office cabling course includes:

  • Introduction to FTTx networks
  • Knowledge of building FTTx architecture
  • Grasp fiber optics subsystems
  • Overview of optical cables, connectors, and splitters
  • Network designing and termination options
  • Plan, design, test, and troubleshoot FTTx cabling
  • Learn safety and security protocols
  • Hands-on practice

Upcoming Batches

27 MAY 2024
Time 07.00
Class Type Live Training
1 JUN 2024
Time 07.00
Class Type Live Training
5 JUN 2024
Time 07.00
Class Type Live Training

Course Advisor

Sid Ahmed


Sid Ahmed is a seasoned IT professional with a passion for building and securing IT Network Infrastructures with more than 12 years of work experience. Sid Ahmed holds prestigious certifications from Cisco Systems and his knowledge also extends to industry standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, SOC2, and PCI DSS.  He is currently serving as a Corporate Trainer with the Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai.

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Who can take Edoxi’s FTTx certification?

FTTx certification from Edoxi can lead your cabling and networking career to new heights. 

This certification boosts the credibility of your work. It also accelerates your prospects of getting hired by the best organizations. Our course blends a perfect mix of technical knowledge and practical activities for every fiber optics network. This FTTx course is ideal for:

  • Network cabling student
  • IT professionals
  • Cabling technician
  • Electrical, Telecommunication, and Infrastructural engineers
  • Network designers and planners
  • Network supervisors and project managers
  • Graduates looking to build a career in cabling
  • Anyone interested to explore their potential in the FTTx networking
How do I become Fiber Optic Certified?

You will learn about FTTx Networks from Edoxi’s expert tutors who visualize to illuminate you with their best knowledge. All our trainers are adept in theory and fieldwork. Through small batches and personalized teaching methods, we render you the best training available in Dubai. Our FTTx certification course will help you to kickstart your career as a Network Expert.

Will Edoxi grant me a certificate for the FTTx Network course?

Yes. Edoxi will bestow you with a certificate upon the completion of your FTTx Network course.