Overview of Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)Training in Dubai

With the upsurge of cybercrimes, Computer Hacking Investigators are in demand. A professional in CHFI can solve computer crimes using computer investigation techniques. The tools and techniques obtained from the EC-Council’s CHFI program will help the students conduct computer hacking investigations by making use of digital forensic technologies

Become a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator(CHFI) with Edoxi’s most advanced Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation Training in Dubai. Our experienced mentors will guide the students throughout the program efficiently, giving them hands-on experience and successfully familiarising them with the standard tools needed to carry out a computer forensic investigation. 

Why is Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation(CHFI) important?

With the upsurge of cybercrimes, Computer Hacking Investigators are in demand. A professional in CHFI can solve computer crimes using computer investigation techniques. The tools and techniques obtained from EC-Council’s CHFI program will help the students to conduct computer hacking investigations by making use of digital forensic technologies.

  • Conduct Computer Hacking Forensic Investigations using tools
  • Detect malicious hacking attacks
  • Extract evidence to report the crime
  • Conduct audits to prevent future attacks
  • Solve cybercrimes and ‌catch cybercriminals
  • Computer Data Recovery 

Why Should You Get Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation (CHFI) Certified?

The certification in Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation will validate your skills in defending against malicious hacker attacks, identifying an intruder’s footprints, and properly gathering the necessary evidence to prosecute in a court of law. By obtaining the certification. If you have an analytical personality, strong communication skills, and are tech-savvy, then you will probably enjoy working in the computer forensics field. 

  • Validates your skills and expertise in the computer forensic field
  • Increases your career prospects or helps you advance in your career
  • Trains you to carry out computer forensic investigations using tools and techniques
  • Increase your competence as a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator 

Professional Benefits of Edoxi’s Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation Training

  • Validate your skills and competence-It is a valuable credential that validates your skills and expertise in using computer hacking forensic investigation tools and functions
  • Strengthen your computer hacking skills CHFI training prepares the participants with the ‌skills to perform an effective digital forensics investigation.
  • Increased career opportunities CHFI-certified individuals are being hired not only by IT and IT security organizations but also by law enforcement agencies, legal practices, defence and military sectors, banking, and insurance organizations.
  • Boost Your Portfolio-Knowledge in Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation will give you an edge over others in the field of military and defence personnel, Law enforcement personnel, system administrators insurance, banking, legal, and other professionals, Government agencies, and organizations. 
  • Higher Salaries-Certified CHFI professionals typically earn higher salaries than those without certification.
  • Contribute to society by helping to catch cybercriminals-Cybercrime is a growing concern, so there is an increasing need for digital forensics investigators to help mitigate vulnerabilities and prevent future attacks.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation Course (CHFI) Career Path & Opportunities


The CHFI course is one of the most sought-after certifications in the field of computer forensics. Computer investigation techniques are being practiced by corporations, governments, and even the cyber cell of police departments. The CHFI program is meant for professionals who are involved with information system security, computer forensics, and incident response. Here are the career opportunities for CHFI professionals,

  • Computer Forensics Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Malware Analyst
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Security Administrator
  • IT Security Consultant
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Penetration Tester
  • IT Auditor
  • Homeland Cyber Security

Industries Looking for CHFI Professionals

IT field

IT security organizations

Law enforcement agencies

Legal practice

Defense and military sectors


Insurance organizations

Prerequisites for the CHFI Course

  • IT/forensic professionals with basic knowledge of IT/cybersecurity, computer forensics, or incident response. 

CHFI Course Modules

  • Module 1: computer forensics in today’s world
  • Module 2: computer forensics investigation process
  • Module 3: understanding hard disks and file systems
  • Module 4: data acquisition and duplication
  • Module 5: defeating anti-forensics techniques
  • Module 6: operating system forensics
  • Module 7: network forensics
  • Module 8: Investigating Web attacks
  • Module 9: database forensic
  • Module 10: cloud forensic
  • Module 11: malware forensic
  • Module 12: investigating email crimes
  • Module 13: mobile forensic
  • Module 14: forensic report writing and presentation

How To Get CHFI Certification?


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Enroll in the CHFI certification course
Apply for the CHFI Certification exam
Appear for the CHFI Certification exam
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Become a certified professional in CHFI

CHFI Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs

Live Virtual Training

  • 35 Contact Hours
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Customized Corporate Training

  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise-grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after support
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Why Choose the Edoxi for CHFI Training in Dubai

Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai offers the most extensive and propelled accreditation CHFI program that summarizes the essential knowledge of digital forensic techniques and standard forensic tools to collect the intruder footprints necessary for his investigation. We provide you with the best industry-accredited instructors who will deliver the classes methodologically. 

  • Intensive, specific, and subject-oriented training
  • Offer Custom-tailored classes according to the students’ preferences
  • Provide multiple study aids to the students'
  • Impart skills that enhance their workplace competency

Start your career with Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation (CHFI) training from the Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai!

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Course Advisor

Satendra K

Chief Technology Officer & Cyber Security Expert Trainer

Satendra K is the Chief Technology Officer at Edoxi Training Institute. A cyber security program leader with more than ten years of experience, he possesses a deep level understanding of state-of-the-art security technologies. His polished communication skills play an influential role in his career as a trainer. As a core member of our cyber security courses team, he oversees the development of cutting-edge curriculum and novel modes of course delivery.

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What is the CHFI course in Dubai?

The CHFI course offered by Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai CHFI is an advanced level certification by EC-Council that qualifies individuals to reveal cyber crimes and hunt down culprits. The certification is one of the most coveted in the field of computer forensics. With our comprehensive study guide and hands-on practice project cases, you will gain industry experience and an edge for your resume. 

What is the objective of the CHFI training course in Dubai?

The objective of our Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation Course in Dubai at Edoxi Training Institute is to enable students to acquire the necessary skills needed for the various forensic investigation techniques and use the standard forensic tools necessary to successfully carry out a computer forensic investigation leading to the prosecution of cybercriminals.

Who can pursue the CHFI course in Dubai?

System Administrators, Security Officers, Law Enforcement Personnel, Defense and Military Bankers, Personnel, Legal Professionals, Security Professionals, and individuals interested in the integrity of network infrastructure can pursue the CHFI Course in Dubai.

What are the skills acquired through the CHFI Training in Dubai?

Upon the successful completion of the CHFI course at Edoxi, you will acquire the following skills;

  • Finding out about various kinds of cyber laws for investigating cybercrimes.
  • Analyzing digital evidence through rules of evidence by considering crime categories.
  • Roles of the first responder, first responder toolkit, securing and assessing electronic crime scene, directing preliminary interviews, archiving electronic crime scene, gathering and safeguarding electronic proof, bundling and transporting electronic crime scene, and detailing electronic crime scene. 
  • Setting up the computer forensics lab and creating investigation reports.
  • Steganography, Steganalysis, and image forensics.
  • Kinds of log capturing, log management, Investigation logs, network traffic, wireless attacks, and web assaults. 
  • Gathering volatile and non-volatile data from Windows and recouping erased documents from Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. 
  • Researching password-secured documents by utilizing password cracking concepts and tools.

How can I get certified in the CHFI course?

You can take the CHFI Certification exam after completing our Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation course in Dubai. As a certified specialist, your abilities, knowledge, and experience will be validated.

What is the Mode of Training for the CHFI Course in Dubai?

The training for the CHFI course is available both online and offline, which individuals can attend according to their convenience.

What is the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator v10 exam?

To become a certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, you need to pass the CHFI v10 exam successfully. The exam pattern consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. The test duration is 4 hours.

What is the CHFI Certification?

The CHFI certification validates your skills required to identify an attacker’s imprints and accumulate the evidence to be presented in the court of law. The certification allows professionals to chase, investigate and arrest cyber criminals from anywhere within the world.

What Companies Look for CHFI professionals?

CHFI-certified professionals are in high demand across various industries. In addition to IT and IT security organizations, CHFI-certified professionals are being recruited by law enforcement agencies, legal practices, the defense and military sectors, and banks and insurance companies.

Will I Have Access to the Study Materials?

Yes, you will have 24 X 7 access to the study guide and materials.